Ryan Payne

Ryan Payne

Ryan Payne

UX/UI for Mobile and Desktop Computers


  • Currently leading product team to build prototypes validating UX/UI design for AccuShot 22 companion application and basketball.
  • Designed a sports athletic training product for Basketball Hogs and Spalding to improve shooter performance.
  • Product Design responsible for concept development, color, material, finish, visual effects, logo.



Exceedingly creative UI  Designer with a healthy obsession for typography, color, form, motion design and exploring the social aspects of what makes a design effective and engaging.

Cover Letter


I am an innovative Designer with over 10 years of experience leading creatives and company initiatives which increased internal & external growth. I have exceptional organizational and time management skills.



Highly creative and multi-talented Interactive Designer with extensive experience in multimedia, graphic design, social media campaigns and the unique ability to set trends that revolutionize corporations.

"I have had the pleasure of creating meaningful and valuable User Experiences. I have conducted one-on-one user testing, created personas, scenarios, card sorts and application documentation."