Accushot 22

Is not only focused on being one of the top skill training devices used today but, even more so, being the leader in sports analytics skill training products. One such product is the Accushot  App. The Accushot App will include Gamification which allows competitive gaming. The skill training videos and one-on-one tutorials will feature "legends of the game" players and coaches that will boost the effectiveness of a users skill level.

The Accushot 22 Basketball will be marketed and sold directly to coaches, professional/amateur leagues, AAU, middle/high schools and collegiate basketball programs and clubs. The product line will be expanded to sporting good retail outlets based upon demographic studies of training basketball sales within the domestic and international markets.

Ryan Payne

Accushot basketball

Basketball Hogs and Spalding, the most iconic sports brand and largest basketball equipment supplier in the world, have forged a manufacturing alliance to produce the newly designed second generation Accushot 22 Basketball. Ricky Pierce has developed this basketball system that assists with shooting accuracy.  He developed the idea after watching his son, Aron, playing basketball at the YMCA. This system was later developed and is now known as the Accushot 22, a specially designed basketball with 10 oval indentations. The Accushot 22 is a standard regulation sized ball. The patented finger position points are indented so the user can feel the place for a perfect shot without looking for the fingering patterns.  The game doesn’t have to stop or even slow down. Ricky developed the Accushot  22 Basketball for a player to see, touch and feel a shot going thru the "bottom of the net."  Every player has nuisances that makes an individual's shot unique. With the repetitive use of the Accushot  22 Basketball, players can adjust their shooting/body motion which includes the proper placement of their hands, fingers, wrist and legs to become more proficient shooters anywhere on the court. Players who use the Accushot 22 Basketball are more confident and able to adjust their shooting technique to provide the deadly accuracy needed to become an outstanding basketball player.