Ryan Payne

Ryan Payne


Trust is the new currency in our life today. So like everything else we value, our trust must be protected. This goes for conversations, ideas and, even more so today, private moments between two parties. It is time to conceal those conversations that no one needs to know about.

Social networking and media can sometimes further violate agreements, invalidating the contract between parties. More importantly greed is what violates most of these agreements. But for great problems comes even better solutions. Conceal app is the next generation of confidentiality protectors.

Conceal app is a handheld app that allows the user access to a full range of documents all with the swipe of a finger. This includes confidentiality documents for use at any given time or place. It is like having a lawyer, or a recorder, in your pocket at all times. After the two parties agree on the terms and the document is signed, it is then sealed away in our secured database and only to be unveiled by a court subpoena.

The day and age of not knowing whether you can trust an individual’s word or agreement is over. No need to question if your idea, agreement, or action will be divulged by the opposite party involved. Concealed will put those fears to rest knowing that your trust is protected!