Ryan Payne


NoStress is a start up company that believes growing your own fruits and vegetables is a way of life. NoStress wants to enrich the growers understanding of  the hydroponic garden through technology. This application allows you to monitor and plan your garden with your IOS hand-held device. Understanding what you put in your garden allows you to be a more efficient gardener.



This software is a must have for every grower on any level.  NoStress knew in the development and planning of this software application that it would be difficult to create a application that could reach all gardeners but that is exactly what we did. In the research of this application we found that letting the user choose their tools based on their skill level led to a more successful and enjoyable experience.


Allowing the user to buy multiple expansion packs inside of the NoStress application add to the functionality of our software and to the overall user experience. The ability to add functionality to our software by buying expansion packs allows the application to grow with the user. From a business perspective, it allows the company to focus on building the application in segments. This also allow us to focus on developing and testing in the individual expansion packs; a juicy marketing opportunity. We see expansion packs as an innovative source of revenue that allows us to constantly develop new ideas and incorporate it into our product.

NoStress is a mobile research laboratory which allows you to chart and compare your growth cycles side-by-side so that you can replicate what you are doing right. This is what makes our application valuable to our customers.


After analyzing prototypes, we proposed UX improvements and designed a visual interface



I put a huge emphasis on clearly representing various kinds of data in the app to help users get straight to the point.


The experiences I have gained during the development of this application is of  utmost value to me.





Nostress, Experience User Interface Designer Architect


Led weekly project status meetings and prepared corresponding detailed weekly status reports. Conduct user research to measure user reaction and use of website system. Specialize in understanding users and creating innovative design solutions that support customer needs and business objectives. Create Business Requirement Documents (BRDs) for Development by defining usability within internal agent system for customer insurance policy use. Work with Project Owners and Business Analysts to gather, analyze, document and determine business requirements. Created wireframes UI/UX, and art assets for NoStress game under an aggressive deadline with little supervision.